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March 21 2017

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It’s #slytherinpride day! Apparently! Who decides these things? Anyway, here’s one of my favourite sneaky snakey Slytherin comics from last year 🐍

March 19 2017


can’t believe skam is taking so long to start up again just so they can make sure the season is going on while Eurovision is happening, and that we will absolutely get to see Even, Eskild and Linn freaking out over it while Isak and Noora quietly judge them from the side. that really is amazing to me that this is absolutely happening.

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March 18 2017

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March 17 2017


“long way down isn’t that great”

March 16 2017


niall: i would die for me mates

interviewer: ok… but would u get a tattoo for them?

niall:  i’ve never heard of one direction

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March 15, 2017



Can anyone name one (1) great European achievement from the past 50 years?

What A Feeling by One Direction

March 15 2017


Happy Julius Caesar Was Stabbed 23 Times By 22 Senators And Once By His Best Friend Day

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«People with the Cause are the only ones fighting for a better world, fighting to end this division, because that is what’s criminal. Or are you gonna say that you don’t see the harm this system brings to people’s lives? »
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Niall and food questions - A Trilogy

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NYC 3/14

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spot the difference

March 14 2017

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March 13 2017

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