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May 24 2017

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An evolution in looks.

May 23 2017


my favourite thing about jon possibly having a targaryen name is that when lyanna told ned he was probs like ‘… ok sis that’s cool but…. how the fuck am i meant to hide jahaerys jacarys jalapeno the third from robert with that name?’ 



you cant make people in your a/b/o fics say jesus christ without leaving the implication that jesus christ was some form of a/b/o

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” - revelations 22:13

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putting this on my phd graduate cap



American Sorting Hat, which is just a beat up baseball cap: aight bro by the most righteous magics bestowed upon me i’ve scoped out ur brain and ur house is uh….. DRAGON ALPHA SIGMA DONG!!! lol

wizard bros of dragon alpha sigma dong: YOOOOOOOOOOOO 

freshman wizard: *crowdsurfs*

May 22 2017

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you have to face the truth.

May 21 2017

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oh my god its back

May 20 2017

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It’s ok to have dreams, it’s ok to have goals, in my opinion. But I really think it’s much more about the climb and the work you do on the way up. The climb is really hard and really rough, but it’s also the best part because there are still places to climb up to.

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Near the end of Landslide. 😭❤️

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Harry joining the audience to watch Stevie Nicks on stage, May 19

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hannahkirby: the best surprise of all time 🙏🏻 thank you @adrianjgomez for taking this while I was in full fan girl mode

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Harry getting emotional about singing with Stevie Nicks

May 19 2017

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b&w perfection




why the tyrannosaurus rex from jurassic movies is important for feminism

  • she’s a strong female character™
  • eats men
  • saves the day multiple times
  • she’s respected
  • she’s not sexualized
  • her gender does not make her less dangerous 
  • people don’t question her man-eating skills because she’s a girl, not even once
  • they don’t mock the dead guys because they got eaten by a girl either
  • she fights the patriarchy (by eating men)
  • no one calls her a bitch for eating people
  • she’s a woman in a position of power
  • people tried to objectify her for capitalistic purposes and got punished
  • in the end, she would eat anyone regardless of their gender, race and sexuality

A lesson for us all.

  • Her advanced age in Jurassic World doesn’t make her any less effective at saving the day
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oscars 2018 look great so far

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